Where are we failing?

Where  are  we  failing? Does getting grade  A+  certify success in life? Does an exam failure indicate failure in life?  Does higher education is a surety for getting job? Answer to the above mentioned questions, is an absolute No. One out of every three graduates is unemployed in India [1]. Thus, higher education can never be considered as a surety for jobs in India. School/college dropouts would never have been able to reach the zenith of success if passing an exam is considered as a pre-requisite for passing in life. Success stories of Subhash Chandra, an Indian conglomerate; Kailash Katkar (founder Quickheal technologies Pvt Ltd.); Ritesh Agarwal (founder, OYO Rooms); Kunal Shah (founder, Freecharge) and many more would never be celebrated by world on the merit scale of education system. Increasing suicidal tendencies amongst students germinates seeds of skepticism against the purpose of education. India is often named as the youngest nation with 50% of its po